About DG

5 Core Principles: Integrity, Value, Respect, Determination, Brotherhood

The DG Story

Mack Murray Jr. founded Distinguished Gentlemen, in 2018. It was a dream for years before but it was now time to be released. Mack’s wife Brittany Murray, shares a similar passion for young people, and she encouraged her husband to bring it to life. The details became clearer, as he talked it over with trusted and valued voices. The business plan was completed in January of 2018, considering there was a significant need and desire for something different in our community.

There was a need for a positive focused program to help groom the character and developing minds of young people, especially teen males. Mack had all the inspiration he needed with the presence of crime in Goldsboro, but also single-parent homes. Working with young people in the community and speaking at various events, Mack could more importantly hear the silent cry for help from teen males and it was now time to do something about it. The difference would be the incorporation of Class, Biblical Principals and Step.

Distinguished Gentlemen was birthed out the idea and the fact that “I had it good, with the presence of my married father and mother”. “Though that is the truth for me,” says the founder Mack Murray Jr., “that isn’t the fact for so many young males in my community”. While there are 124k people in the population of Wayne County, there are close to 36k people in the city of Goldsboro. With nearly 11k single-parent households, roughly 9k of those are female led. Studies have shown that the highest percentage of young people in the city of Goldsboro, are boys ages five to fourteen, at 14% of the population. Distinguished Gentlemen is faced with combating the realities of these young men, by providing a community of brothers, who develop a confidence in themselves through step, life skills and training on the true essence of Class.